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Video Editing Service,dịch vụ Video Editing Service
video editing service

Hanoi Studio Camera Record and Video Editing Service.

We provider service in over the word for all Video Package .  

   With support of tourism camcorders, Smart Phone system for functional videographers are recording full HD images . Now , Camera record become Easiler than before. We can now be entirely constructive ideas for their own script . Hanoi Studio with over 22 years of professional videographers, We have full professional editing software, the techniques, materials, music background suitable for all reportage genre, wedding films, commercials, documentaries, movies, seminars and conferences ...  


Video Editing Service


    With a team of professional montage, skilled, conscientious. We get montages follow all requirements of the customer. With a reasonable cost, best suited for each specific genre

For further information please contact :

Hanoi Studio  Mr Truong +84983213910  

Email : hanoistudio@yahoo.com

Website : dichvuquayphimhd.com

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